Bruce Brunk and The Citrus County Dream Team
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Bruce Brunk and The Citrus County Dream Team

Welcome to the Citrus County Dream Team Experience


Do you have a life dream? According to one of the (past) #1 New York Times bestselling authors Bruce Wilkinson, everyone in every culture has a dream. Achieving these dreams is a part of our life journey. Bruce Brunk, team leader for the Citrus County Dream Team notes, “Most major life dreams include some aspect that involves real estate – buying, selling, building wealth, relocating. Several years ago we realized that providing top quality real estate service for our customers allowed us to help people take one more step in achieving dreams”.

Helping people achieve their dreams has become the motto for Bruce and his team. In the process of helping others achieve their dreams, Bruce has been able to achieve a few dreams of his own. For example, building and leading a computer software development company for 24 years, working with several church leaders from different walks of life, cultures and races; traveling to Costa Rica, Israel, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Netherlands, Switzerland, Egypt, Italy and Greece. Bruce points out that one of his greatest accomplishments has been becoming the proud husband and father of his 3 amazing children He has led the Citrus County Dream Team and its professionals to success for over 16 year. Bruce explains “with over 116 million in combined sales the Citrus County Dream Team has more leverage in fulfilling our mission to provide friendly and professional service with honesty and integrity and expertise”.

The Citrus County Dream Team currently includes 4 full time specialized team agents, as well as 4 full time support professionals. “Working with such quality people is one aspect of the Citrus County Dream Team that I am really excited about,” states Bruce.  With extensive combined experience and expertise in Citrus County these professionals are great assets to our team and customers.

Bruce R Brunk, Listing Specialist, RealtorConsultant, Team Leader,  

Bruce brings to the team his 24 years of computer software development and management experience prior to his career in real estate. He incorporates his consulting background into the real estate profession. As a businessman and investor himself, Bruce has an extraordinary capability to find not only what his client’s need, but also what they want. He perceives information and interprets data for you. You will not be disappointed as he partners with you to understand your needs and uses his judgment\ intuition in guiding and consulting you on probably one of the biggest decisions of your life... Your home.

Since 2005 Bruce has successfully helped over 1200 families achieve their dream in Citrus County. He enjoys working with both residential and commercial real estate.  In the residential market his team handles homes in all areas of Citrus County.  They also cover the spectrum of homes from their luxury home division to their short sale/REO division.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the Citrus County Dream Team today!

Please meet my team:

Michelle L Brunk, Marketing Director, Realtor, Director of Ops - With her Spanish flair, due to her Hispanic roots, Michelle brings her expertise in sales, banking and problem solving to the team. Michelle’s creativity soars while marketing your home. She researches new ways to utilize the newest, most advanced technology to capture buyers on the Internet, while at the same time supports all of her team members. Due to her love for people, Michelle locally builds relationships that many times become successful transactions and lifetime friendships. You'll find enjoyment in her company! Se habla Español.

Jared Burke, Closing Coordinator, Assistant Director of OpsWith his background in operations management Jared brings nerdy professionalism to the forefront. He's passionate about serving others and helping buyers and sellers reach their goal. Jared assists buyers and sellers f